With hustle, anything is possible. Tyler is a man of faith, a loyal husband, and a father of four who believes in the good of humanity. He has experienced both sides of the coin in fitness and knows firsthand what it takes to achieve goals and overcome setbacks. With accountability, Tyler will squeeze out every ounce of your ability and knows you are capable of greatness! Now, let’s go!

Hometown: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Social Media: @triumphtyler


"The successful warrior is the average man (or woman), with laser-like focus." --Bruce Lee

Guilty Pleasure

Heath Bar Blizzard

Favorite Day for Class

Every Day

Three Words to Describe Me

Disciplined, Genuine, and Respectful.

Who Inspires Me the Most

My wife & kids. Also, old me.

Biggest Accomplishment

Getting rid of 100 lbs. of physical weight, shedding a ton of emotional baggage, and remaining clean and sober for a decade in 2020.

How Do I Recharge

Yoga. Every Sunday for years it has been a time for me to be quiet, stretch and recharge. Mentally and physically.

The Vibe of My Class

Hella fun, Motivating & Empowering.

Why Boxing?

Boxing is a way to get out all the noise in my head. A therapy to release the aggression that builds day-to-day. Glove up and show up! Let’s Go!

Best Motivational Advice

Never give up what you want most, for what you want in the moment.

Always On My Playlist

Eminem, Arius and Jurassic 5.