A professional dancer, choreographer, fitness leader and motivator, Kristin believes in living EVERYDAY life through movement. Her enthusiasm for life is reflected in each inspiring, impactful workout, and she exudes positive energy
with humans in every aspect of her existence. Let’s do this!

Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN

Social Media: @kristinmpt


"The successful warrior is the average man (or woman), with laser-like focus." --Bruce Lee

Guilty Pleasure

Blueberry waffles! Holla!

Favorite Day for Class

My favorite day for class is EVERY day.

Three Words to Describe Me

Driven, Energetic, Loyal.

Who Inspires Me the Most

My Family.

Biggest Accomplishment

Besides my amazing children and incredible husband, my biggest accomplishment would be starting, owning and operating the successful K. Monique’s Studio of Dance since 2007.

How Do I Recharge

Sleep, a carb loaded meal and more sleep.

The Vibe of My Class

Energizing, Intense, Inspirational

Why Cycle?

Nothing feels better than syncing the pedals with the driving force of the pulsating music during a ride. I love to watch riders enter class eager and willing and watching them leave bold and equipped with more confidence than they ever knew they had.

Best Motivational Advice

You can slow down but you CAN NOT stop

Always On My Playlist

Migos, Pitbull, Beyonce