I am a fitness enthusiast, a foodie, and love to cook! The most rewarding part of instructing is connecting with others through movement and music. The BIG moments that really motivate us – when everyone is feeling it. My goal is to inspire you to push yourself out of your comfort zone and awaken your inner beast! 

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Social Media: @kellypoe_fit


"The successful warrior is the average man (or woman), with laser-like focus." --Bruce Lee

Guilty Pleasure

A big bowl of homemade popcorn topped with garlic and parmesan and binging Netflix.

Favorite Day for Class


Three Words to Describe Me

Brave, Determined, Beast 

Who Inspires Me the Most

My husband: The hardest worker I know. My boys: I want to show them that with determination what you can achieve is limitless.

Biggest Accomplishment

Surviving 9 weeks of hospitalization to birth healthy twin boys.

How Do I Recharge

Taking classes from my awesome and inspiring teammates at TRIUMPH!!! 

The Vibe of My Class

Inspirational, Challenging, Energetic 

Why Cycle?

It combines many passions into one – fitness, music, and pushing myself to the max!

Best Motivational Advice

Let go of the pressures you put on yourself and do your very best – BE IN THE MOMENT!

Always On My Playlist

A fun, motivational mix of alternative rock, and current uplifting pop!