A certified nutrition coach, IFBB bodybuilder professional, and mother of 3 beautiful children, Corina is dedicated to the community and understands that an active, healthy lifestyle leads to a positive, balanced life. Fusing music and sweat releases unwanted stress, and her positive classes are fun, challenging, and seasoned with inspiration. Music is the vessel that joins us, and Corina’s eclectic playlists will bring you back, move you forward and help you dig deep.

Hometown:Indianapolis, Indiana

Social Media: @corinahark_ifbbpro


Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen.

Guilty Pleasure

 Anything Peanut Butter

Favorite Day for Class


Three Words to Describe Me

Motivated, Ambitious, Generous

Who Inspires Me the Most


Biggest Accomplishment

 Taking the leap of faith to pursue opening a fitness studio.

How Do I Recharge

Epsom salt baths, massage, and laughing with my family.

The Vibe of My Class

Powerful, Energizing, Motivating

Why Boxing?

It makes me feel strong and powerful! There is no better stress relief than taking my aggression out on a bag.

Best Motivational Advice

All progress takes place outside your comfort zone, so get UNCOMFORTABLE!!!!

Always On My Playlist

Calvin Harris, Lil Jon, NF, Lady Gaga, Eminem